Rings (2017)

This sequel had the potential to be horrible. The story was wrapped up enough before for me to feel like I didn’t need to see what came next, but oh no these creators were not done. In this case I’m glad they gave me a movie I didn’t know I even wanted. If you’ve seen The Ring you know the rules, you watch the tape, the phone rings and you’re informed you have 7 days and on the 7th you die in a quite grotesque way. In the original you learn (spoiler if you haven’t seen it) that you can escape your doom by recording the video and passing it along to the next unsuspecting fool. The video has resurfaced in this one and is again causing deaths. Damn you Samara! A college professor played by Johnny Galecki (David from the show Rosanne) gets ahold of the tape stuck in an old VCR at a garage sale type thing and figures out what it is so he starts experimenting with his students.  He thinks he’s found a system to experiment but not lose any test subjects and also took the original video into digital form. Julia voluntarily watches the video on her own to save her love who’s running out of time. She spends the rest of the film trying to understand the evil brat Samara and learn all her secrets to also save herself. The video itself has changed some and has new curve balls. I just about screamed when Vincent D’Onofrio pops up because I love everything that man does. I enjoyed this one and glad I took the chance.

Rating: 4/5 Full Moons