Ava’s Possessions (2016)

Who doesn’t like a good ole’ possession comedy? This film was definitely more serious than the likes of Scary Movie but still tickled my dark comedy loving heart. Poor Ava is coming back to her senses after being possessed for a month by a demon and trying to get things back together in her life. Her lawyer explains to her that to stay out of jail for her crimes committed while possessed she only has a few options. For some reason in the movie’s world possession seems like a normal thing that just happens and the courts work around it. She chooses the best option for her and it is Spirit Possession Anonymous. I rolled out laughing!!! The program helps the previously possessed to put their life back together and teaches them how to fight off a possible future possession. The story follows her through piecing the puzzle of her past month together, still battling to keep the demon at bay, her discovering some nasty family secrets and her deciding how to deal with a fellow SPA member who actually wants to be repossessed by her demon. That’s a lot right? There are some know actors in this flick. It always makes me happy to see people you might not expect to see in an odd movie like this one. We see Louisa Krause, Deborah Rush, William Sadler, Carol Kane and Alysia Reiner among others peppered through. I’ve watched this movie quite a few times now and still love it as much as I did the first run through. It’s definitely one I’ll be adding to my collection.

Rating: 5+/5 Full Moons