Image Comics 2017

I’m always looking for new stories, new titles, and fresh ideas in the horror genre because as any horror fan can attest to there is so much of the “same old”. You can only watch or read the same plot done the same way so many times before you lose your mind. I found Regression #1 because of the odd cover, gore and bugs all in a tint of pink! What a fun twist! This is a #1, so it’s mostly just setting up for the rest but had enough to keep my attention. The story starts out with Adrian, a tortured man. Straight from the beginning he’s having hallucinations intense enough to make him toss his cookies and lose it. His friend Molly comes to his aid with an idea, hypnosis and regression therapy done by someone you might not normally take seriously. I laughed a little when I read that part. Adrian is desperate for relief and agrees. There is gore, bugs and a possible evil type entity all in the first issue so it pulls you in. The story which is written by Cullen Bunn flows well and is nicely complimented by art by Danny Luckert and colored/lettered by Marie Enger. I’m interested where this goes so I’ll be waiting for #2 impatiently as usual.

Rating: 5/5 Full Moons