Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix Original 2017

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant absolutely nail in in this new show from Netflix. I’ve said it a million times that zombie shows are not my thing but this one had me dying laughing all the way through. I binge watched the whole season. A perfect suburban mom for no apparent reason becomes an undead flesh eater, now the family has to figure out how to function as normal as possible. The plot and dialogue is just about perfect. I think my favorite line was “I don’t wear fur and I don’t eat people’s assholes”! The dialogue was hilarious but not cheesy for me. There is a lot of cussing and sexual references / situations so it might be something to avoid around small children but definitely a must watch and in my opinion gives Stranger Things a run for its money on my favorite Netflix originals.

I crank this up to 11 out of 5 Full Moons NO DOUBT.