Freakish (2016)
Hulu Original

I’m starting this with a disclaimer, zombies aren’t my thing. That being said, I sat and binge watched the whole season of Freakish this week anyway. The basic plot is that a group of teens are at their high school for Saturday detention when the chemical plant in town explodes. Some run out of the school to find family and others decide to hunker down and wait till rescued in case the air is unsafe. You find out the air is definitely unsafe…. its turning people into freaks (what they call the zombies). You spend the season watching these teens figure out how to fight off the freaks, survive with limited resources and deal with their own personal drama. Overall it was ok. The budget and effects were good and the acting and plot was good too. I personally got bored but I blame the fact that I just don’t like the zombie sub genre. If you enjoy zombies I would definitely recommend giving it a shot.

I give this 3/5 Full Moons