31 (9/2016)
Directed by Rob Zombie
I’ve got to start this with the fact I love Rob Zombie films. After the absolute bliss of the first films I saw of his and the slight disappointment of his Lords of Salem, I was eagerly waiting for this film to release. I was definitely not disappointed!!! 31 had the feel of a Rob Zombie film for sure, once again set in the 70’s, the usual amazing cast of misfits and filmed in a way that transports you to that period of time. It was gritty and gory but funny (not in the cheesy B-film way). The basic plot is a group of carnies are kidnapped and forced to fight for their lives in a game run by a psychopathic trio dressed in their best “victorian” wear. I loved the assassins sent in by the trio to slaughter the group, even with their cheesy names. Malcolm McDowell absolutely nailed his role as director of this evil play as he does with every role I’ve seen him in. My only complaint was the end. It was good but not how I would have liked to see it wrapped up. This most definitely will make it into my collection when it’s released on blu-ray/dvd. You can rent it now on most streaming platforms and should be available in October for purchase.
I give this 5/5 Full Moons