By: Patilynn Locke
The VVitch (2015/16)
Directed by Robert Eggers
Before seeing this I had heard so many positive things about it. I love period pieces and witch stories so it seemed like something right up my alley. I couldn’t have been more wrong. To call this movie slow is an understatement. I don’t mind movies that build slowly to their climax but with this film there wasn’t one. At least not one worth mentioning. Hell, the William Peter Blatty’s Exorcist took what felt like forever to start rolling but the pay off was glorious. This being a period piece set in the 17th century, understandably It was all in the old world tongue, which is fine but the main male character’s voice was so gravelly at times it was impossible to understand. The plot was that a family were exiled from a puritan village and go to live on a farm away from their former home but right next to an ominous forest. The smallest child disappears and is believed to have been taken by a witch. The mother is inconsolable and prays obsessively, believing her son has gone to hell because he was never baptized, being born after the exile. She hates and blames her eldest daughter who was with him at the time of the abduction. After the disappearance and re-appearance of another of their children the finger pointing starts to who in the household might be in league with the Devil. It didn’t help that the second missing child had come back bewitched. I won’t give all the details away in case you feel brave and decide to sit through this one. I wish you luck.
I give this 0/5 Full Moons