By: Patilynn Locke

Zombie Tramp Volume 1 (2013)

Created, Written and Illustrated by: Dan Mendoza

Action Lab Comics

Zombie Tramp’s gory and sexy cover was eye catching. Dark and dramatic with a shining green necklace of the title resting over a giant set of boobs. The basic storyline is a high class hooker named Janey Belle offers herself to a crooked cop to get her drag queen, Madam George, out of jail. As always, things don’t go as planned. She becomes a zombie, makes friends with a zombie queen named Xula, and they go along their way on a homicidal rampage seeking revenge. I LOVED IT! The art style, very simple but satisfying and the writing had a good flow. In one section the art goes to a sketch style, looking unfinished, buy the story was compelling enough that it wasn’t too irritating. I definitely want to read more.

I give this 5/5 Full Moons